Erin Swift

Erin Swift, a renowned Creative Director and Omni-channel Creative Executive, is a creative visionary and a masterful leader in the world of creative strategy and brand development. With a wealth of industry experience spanning nearly two decades, Erin’s career seamlessly blends creativity with pragmatism, consistently transforming abstract concepts into tangible and impactful experiences.

Her journey began as a young artist, driven by a profound passion for hands-on creativity. Transitioning into influential roles as a Market and Style Editor at ELLE Decor and Architectural Digest, she honed her design prowess and narrative-crafting skills. In 2013, Erin solidified her authority in the field by authoring the acclaimed book “French Accents: At Home with Parisian Objects and Details.”

Continuing her ascent, Erin assumed key positions as a Creative Director at One Kings Lane and ownership of Prop Workshop + Workshop Studio. In these roles, she rejuvenated brands while showcasing exceptional creative leadership. She adeptly oversaw large teams encompassing art directors, clients, brands, graphic designers, stylists, photographers, builders, and project managers. Her capability to coordinate and optimize creative workflows was exemplary.

Presently, as Creative Director at The Malin, Erin masterfully melds luxury with functionality, preserving the brand’s unique identity. Her role extends beyond creative leadership to shaping efficient systems and processes that drive The Malin’s success in creating engaging environments and captivating experiences.

Throughout her illustrious career, Erin’s unwavering commitment to excellence, adaptability, and diverse experiences have solidified her standing as a visionary leader. She excels not only in the realm of creativity but also as an effective leader of large, multifaceted teams, making her a true force in the world of creative strategy and brand development.


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